Honza Hušek

Honza Hušek is a young Czech director of music videos and documentary films. He’s fascinated by ordinarity, sincerity and human nature. He then uses these themes and human attributes and in his works. A typical aspect appearing in his films is ubiquitous humor. During his studies at FAMU he directed a short documentary about a breakup with his girlfriend called „Fuck You, I Love You” which was nominated by FAMU as the best documentary of the year for THE CILECT PRIZE in 2017. He is the main director of music videos for the rap group OPAK DISSU. His most notable music videos are “OPAK DISSU - Udělej Bordel” and “ASAP Jarda - Psanec.”
Current projects
    The Transition rom a Boy to a Man 2020
    Fuck You, I Love You 2017
Honza Hušek