Ondřej Lukeš

Ondřej Lukeš is a Prague production manager and producer with roots in Pardubice and a student of the Production Department at FAMU. In the past, for example, he worked as a production manager on Albert Hospodářský's film "Nekyia: An Internal Portrait of the Poet Hradecký“ which was screened as a part of the main competition section of the Czech Joy at the Jihlava IDFF. Together with Matěj Paclík he also participated in the production of Anatomy of the Czech Afternoon by Adam Martinec. He is currently preparing the feature debut of Albert Hospodářský called Brutal Heat under the production company Nutprodukce and Petr Hátle's debut about the married couple Stodolovy.
Current projects
    Brutální vedro TBA
    Anatomy of a Czech Afternoon 2020
    Nekyia: An Internal Portrait of the Poet Hradecký 2019
Ondřej Lukeš