Honza Hušek
In an open documentary diary, the director Honza Hušek captures the physical and spiritual transformation of his journey from a boy to a man. He returns to the roots of his childhood traumas and in doing so, he turns the camera on himself as well as on various teachers or his father. Over the course of five years he explores various prototypes of manhood. This journey leads him closer to his goal of becoming a more sensitive person, but „true manhood“ appears to be hidden behind a dead end. Perhaps the mark of adulthood, after all, is not overwrought masculinity, but the acceptance of your inner “pisspants”.


Matěj Paclík


Patrik Balonek


Jakub "Kumar" Jelínek


Anka Žihlová


Breathless Films

Breathless Films is an independent production company established in 2018 and situated in Prague founded by producer Matěj Paclík prioritising collaborations with emerging directors. We focus on production and co-production of both fiction and documentary films. Our latest project is a first feature film Our Lovely Pig Slaughter by Adam Martinec scheduled to premiere at 58th Karlovy Vary IFF.

Previous projects include the acclaimed short film Anatomy of a Czech Afternoon which premiered at Karlovy Vary IFF and won the Czech Lion for the Best Short Film and Czech Films Critics& Award for the Best Short Film, or a documentary feature debut Bedwetter that premiered at IDFF and won the Best Camera Award in the Czech Joy competition.

We are currently working on three first feature films by upcoming directors from the Czech Republic that all received Development Support from the Czech Film Fund and we are on the active lookout for potential co-production projects.

Matěj Paclík

Matěj Paclík is an upcoming film producer from Czechia and founder of Breathless Films. He has a diverse portfolio, producing both documentary and fiction films. His first fiction film Our Lovely Pig Slaughter by Adam Martinec is scheduled to premiere at 58th Karlovy Vary IFF.

His most notable works include the short film Anatomy of a Czech Afternoon that premiered at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and received an award for Best Short Film at the Czech Film Critics& Awards and the Czech Lion for Best Short Film and the short Sugar and Salt that premiered at San Sebastian IFF. His documentary first feature film Bedwetter by Honza Hušek was awarded the Best Camera Award at Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival in 2023.

Currently he is developing three fiction features by debuting directors. These projects reflect his ongoing commitment to producing a range of compelling cinematic works.

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